Who We Are

Our Mission

To ignite the power of everyday people to create, together, an extraordinary world right where they live.

Our Vision

A united Cleveland, supported by thousands of engaged residents and Neighbor Up members, where we recognize our community’s assets, where bridges are built across lines of difference, and where authentic relationships lead to a new culture of trust, and a more just, equitable and inclusive community.

Our Values

We believe that most of what we need to improve our community exists and that we need to identify and connect these assets to spark change. People, and their gifts, need to be at the center of this change.

We believe that well-designed and effectively stewarded spaces (whether in-person or online) feed the aspirational energy of residents and can unleash the capacity for creative local solutions and cultivate new connections across class, ethnic, racial, geographic and generational divides.

We believe in the power of authentic relationships. We believe that every person has gifts and strengths they bring to the community table and that everyone is needed to create a stronger, healthier Cleveland

We believe we need to work to create a fairer, more just community where everyone has the opportunity to succeed and to become the person they were meant to be. We work with residents, civic groups, public and private institutions, and congregations to bring people together across lines of difference, to build understanding and empathy, and to work together to break down oppressive structures and systems.

We believe everyone is needed and everyone has important contributions to make to the community. We believe that people who have been historically excluded based on race, gender, sexual orientation, poverty, or other biases must be at the center of designing and implementing the solutions to create a more just and equitable community.

We believe in social innovation. We take risks, believe it’s okay to fail, and believe in the possible. The forms needed to support this work must be flexible and more adaptable than traditional community-based organizations.

We believe that the fundamental law of humanity is interdependence. Our humanity is inextricably bound up in one another.

We believe that as stewards of these aspirational spaces, we must lead from within by fully inhabiting these spaces ourselves, exposing our own questions and vulnerabilities, and working to diminish the impact of positional power on the co-investment process. By creating a diverse network where power is shared, we can create a more just, equitable and inclusive community.

We believe we need to have  difficult, yet eventually healing, conversations and take action to address the long-term and ongoing effects of oppression and trauma caused by racism, classism, homophobia and sexism. By doing so, we can create ways of building trust and re-establishing relationships of mutual respect in the face of these biases and create change at the personal, intrapersonal, institutional, and systems levels of society.

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