The debrief is an important tool for your team to quickly evaluate what worked, what needs work, and what might be added or changed for a future event. The debrief builds shared power.

Gather your team or participants in a circle at the event’s close. Ask,

  1. Highlights: What grew, or grew the most? What did you love, or love the most?
  2. If you had a magic wandwhat would you like to see grow or change because of this conversation? Most love to see grow or change?
  3. Action: What connections might be wise to make? What’s the first step? With whom can you share this hope?
  4. Purpose: Looking back now, why was it important for you to be here? How might it even relate to your larger sense of purpose or calling?

Another debrief template is Like-Wish-Wonder.

  1. What did you like, what worked?
  2. What do you wish had gone differently?
  3. What do you wonder about? What would we do differently next time?