WKYC We The People: Episode dedicated to #NeighborUpCLE

We were thrilled to have an entire episode of WKYC-TV’s “We The People” focused on Neighbor Up, including the Neighbor Up Action Grants, resident action and what has emerged and been strengthened in our community because of the work of Neighbor Up members.

Rebecca Mason & Hank Smith – Neighbor Up Action Grant Committee Members talk about community philanthropy

Rhonda Crowder & Donte Gibbs – Neighbor Up Action grantees talk about their projects

Erika Brown & Gwen Garth – Neighbor Up members talk about building community in Cleveland

Cynthia Connolly & Marlys Rambeau of Lake Erie Native American Council talk about their work in the community

Tory Necklace from the Lake Erie Native American Council talks about handmade regalia and more