Good News CLE

Good News Cleveland was a people-powered web show and podcast produced during the summer of 2020 and designed by Neighbor Up members to be by the people, for the people.

The series was guided by these Storytelling Guidelines that seek to use storytelling as both an act of healing and of justice. The Good News Cleveland team was: Julian Khan, Tyler Hughley, Ron Calhoun, Devon Jones, Nehemiah Stark and Mark Silverberg.

Find episodes below of the Good News Cleveland video series in partnership with A Greater Buckeye, the podcast in partnership with The Cleveland Observer, and a special podcast series with Never, Ever Give Up – CLE.

During the series, people shared their stories using these audio and video tips and then uploading through a Google form.

Submit a video clip

  • Take a few moments to find the best way to film your scene. If it looks good to you, it’ll probably look good to us!
  • Get as close to the action as possible. We want to see and hear clearly.
  • Wipe your phone or camera’s lens clean.
  • 30-second to 3-minute clips are ideal. Show us what you think is the most important part of the story you want to share.
  • People can speak to the camera in your clip, but, if you want to recount a story without showing us the action, then consider submitting an audio clip.

Submit an audio clip

  • Find somewhere as quiet and comfortable as possible, wherever you are.
  • If it’s helpful, write down the main points you want to hit so you don’t forget something that’s important to you.
  • Use the voice memos app on your phone to record.
  • Mouth near mic = clear audio. If you are recording yourself, hold the phone like you would on a regular phone call—for recording others, try to keep the mic around 12 inches from their mouth.
  • Feel free to pause or re-state something during the recording. We can edit later.
  • Trust yourself! Listen to your recording once or twice to be sure you like it.