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Date(s) - 03/12/2013
6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

PNC Fairfax Connection

Join us for FINANCIAL Empowerment Night there is something for everyone.

FOR PARENTS: “Raising Money-Smart Youth”;

FOR TEENS: “Rockin’ the Schools Takin’ Care of Business” Brought to you by The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame; Students know exactly what music is on their iPods, but they rarely understand that the artistry and glitter of superstardom depends upon a complex business network that must remain financially stable. This class will take students behind the scenes with a real-world simulation that puts them in the shoes of a rock band’s tour manager. Students will apply mathematical and financial concepts to help manage a fictional band through a cross-country tour. This will involve weighing some serious financial concerns about profit and loss. Suggested Grade Level: 7-12;

FOR CHILDREN: Grow Up Great: “For Me, For You, For Later”
Each time your young child sees you spend money or use the ATM, she is building an understanding of what money is. You can guide that understanding with simple activities about making good choices; what has value; and spending, sharing, and saving. Over time you’ll see that, through everyday conversations and fun activities, you can help your child grow up to make good financial decisions.

The PNC Fairfax Connection is a community resource center in Cleveland’s historic Fairfax community featuring a dynamic physical space, online resources and educational programs and events that provide tools and resources to help people achieve their goals.
Event specific phone: 216-391-4677