Cleveland Documenters FAQ’s

Have an assignment to document a public meeting as  a Cleveland Documenter?

Here is some good information to keep in mind:

  • Check out Cleveland Documenters Best Practices Guide.
  • Be sure to check the assignment requirements for notetaking and live tweeting in the Documenters Field Guide.
  • 1 notetaker & 1 live tweeter are assigned to this meeting. You may work independently or you may collaborate in any way you choose.
  • Please note: To protect the meeting against Zoombombing, please do not repost the meeting link directly on social media. Instead, you can direct people interested in tuning in to the agency’s webpage where the meeting is posted. You can directly post YouTube and TV20 links.

Documenting a Cleveland City Council meeting?

Documenting a Cleveland Board of Zoning Appeals meeting?

I am live tweeting this meeting. What are some key points I should keep in mind? 

  • You will need your own Twitter account to live tweet this meeting.
    • You can create an account at
    • The account will need to be set to public, not private.
  • Please add the following language near the start or the end of your thread:

What if someone asks why I am at the meeting? 

If someone asks why you are attending this meeting, please feel free to use the following language:

I am a Documenter trained to monitor public meetings in the public interest. My work is made publicly available in collaboration with Neighbor Up’s Cleveland Documenters.  For more information visit

Help! I’m doing the assignment and I have a question.

For problems or questions about this assignment, contact a Cleveland Documenters team member listed on your assignment or contact us at (216) 229-8769 (call or text) or

What happens when I submit your document for publication?

Click here for those details.  

And find out more about the team stewarding Cleveland Documenters here.

Do you have a question not listed here?

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