Who and what is ClePLAN?

ClePLAN—the Cleveland Parent Leadership Action Network—is a new and growing network of parents and caregivers who have children in The Cleveland Metropolitan School District (CMSD).

The purpose of the network is to connect caregivers across schools, ages, and other differences to provide parent-to-parent support and information on navigating the district as we guide our children on their educational journey.

Where is ClePLAN based?

ClePLAN welcomes parents and caregivers from the entire CMSD footprint. Neighborhood Connections, headquartered at the Agora plaza, 5000 Euclid Avenue, is providing ClePLAN with administrative and strategic expertise, in much the same was as they support the Neighbor Up Network.

Get involved?

Follow our new Facebook page for the latest updates, choose from these options to share your experiences and insights, and to get more involved.

Why ClePLAN?

Every child in the CMSD has a grownup at home who loves them and wants the best for them. We believe that by encouraging, engaging and equipping these caring adults, our parents will be more prepared to support their children to a prosperous future.

Our theory of change follows a sidewalk from individual to regional transformation:

The development of ClePLAN is generously supported by