The Cleveland Documenters Editing + Support Team

Lawrence Caswell

Field Coordinator

Lawrence has been following Documenters since its launch in Chicago and brings a wealth of knowledge about not only how Documenters works, but also about Cleveland, journalism and technology. He has experience podcasting, doing voiceovers, DJing and even comic book writing. Join one of our online Cleveland Documenters gatherings to hear his #CLEDocumenters Spotify playlist.

Rachel Dissell

Accountability Reporter

Rachel brings her skill doing accountability reporting to Cleveland Documenters. She is part of the team that edits Cleveland Documenters documents. She also supports special projects and mentors emerging journalists.

Doug Pitorak

Civic Reporter

Doug will dive into reporting on local government as part of our Cleveland Documenters team with a focus on accountability journalism, which includes investigative reporting, fact-checking and digging into public data.

Gwen Garth

Artist and Community Builder

Gwen has long practiced the act of following her vote as a member of a public arts board as well as a precinct committee woman. With Cleveland Documenters, she is working to create a online Civics Cafe to build connection and support between residents and meaningful civic information.

Mary Ellen Huesken

Document Editor

Mary Ellen reviews Cleveland Documenters’ notes for clarity and accuracy before documents are published to She is a former copy editor at The Plain Dealer.

Lila Mills

Associate Director, Neighborhood Connections

Lila is focused on the overall goals of Cleveland Documenters and is working to establish partnerships with local people and organizations as well as handling paying Documenters once documents are published and editing documents.

Cleveland Documenters is in partnership with Chicago-based civic journalism lab City Bureau and with support from the Cleveland Foundation and the Visible Voice Charitable Fund of the Cleveland Foundation. Cleveland Documenters recruits, trains and pays Greater Clevelanders to document official committee meetings of the Cuyahoga County and City of Cleveland governments and contribute to a communal pool of public knowledge. Read more about it here.