#CLEDocsAnswers: What is the city’s no chase policy, as brought up by Councilman Jones?

Council Member Joe Jones mentioned a Cleveland police ‘no chase’ policy during a Cleveland City Council Safety Committee meeting on May 12 where committee members discussed violent crime and policing efforts. That prompted Documenter Margaret Mahoney to ask:

The Cleveland Division of Police updated what’s called the vehicle pursuit policy in 2015, in the aftermath of a 60-car chase that ended with two unarmed residents, Timothy Russell and Malissa Williams, being shot and killed by police.

The changes limited the conditions when police can chase vehicles to apprehend suspects in violent felonies or if a driver is intoxicated. Officers and supervisors are also supposed to weigh the danger the chase poses to the public. 

Public Information Officer Jennifer Ciaccia shared the policy. Read it here.

In March, some council members called on the department to loosen the restrictions, according to ideastream.

Find the notes of the Safety Committee meeting here.