#CLEDocsAnswers: How many people in each ward use the city’s exterior paint program?

This week’s #CLEDocsAnswers is about Cleveland’s Exterior Paint Program, which gives eligible residents the supplies needed to paint their homes. The deadline to apply for the program is April 30. Residents can find the application here. Documenter Robert Rotatori attended a meeting about the program and left with a question. He asked, “How many individuals in each ward are using the paint program?” Here’s what we know!

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The Department of Community Development does not have a list of the number of people in each ward who are using the program or used it in 2020. The department does have a list of applications received from each ward in 2020, and it has an overall breakdown of people who used the program last year. During a Cleveland City Council meeting, council members referenced a document about the program provided by Community Development. We got the document from Joan Mazzolini, who handles communications for council.

The document has the number of 2020 applicants from each ward and the funding needed to support them. Nancy Kelsey-Carroll, assistant director of communication for the city, confirmed that the chart lists 2020 applications received, despite the middle column being titled “approved.”

It also shows how many people completed the paint program in 2020. Of the 785 approved applicants, 297 finished painting their homes. Residents who received vouchers in 2020 are still eligible to finish painting.

There were still spots available in the program as of April 6, according to Neighborhood Services Commissioner Louise Jackson.

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