Citywide Network Night draws 100+ people

Citywide Network Night launched last week with an overwhelming turnout and a warm welcome! Excitement filled the room as longtime Neighbor Up members reconnected and new folks were invited to Neighbor Up. Special thanks to ioby for hosting us at the Midtown Tech Hive.


The next Citywide Network Night is Thursday, December 5 with dinner starting at 5:30 p.m. and event kick-off at 6 p.m. Looking for details coming soon!


The Community Conversations part of the evening (also called Business of the Network) is a chance to explore topics that matter to you, find potential collaborators, and plan for action together. Last week’s conversations included: 

How have the changes in the housing market affected you and your neighborhood?

This group discussed economic and cultural changes of concentrated development, including who has been displaced, strategies for keeping residents in place, and solutions for getting involved. Join the action by contacting Kaela:

How do we ensure the homeless community is represented in local politics?

This group identified reoccurring barriers, potential groups to plug into, and brainstormed ways to take action. Join their work by contacting Muneera:

How can we convene and build community support among those doing Racial Equity work? 

This group is focused on creating a supportive and welcoming network of those already involved in racial equity work and those new to it, whether paid or not. Several ideas surfaced that night, including book clubs and site visits, caucuses, and a supportive learning exchange. Join the action by contacting Greg: or Tony: 

What are best practices for creating community awareness of available resources and services?

This group decided to identify target audiences. Get more information by contacting Ilinda Reese: 216-323-5601

What are some best practices for hosting a community event?

This group discussed starting by building relationships with diverse community members who can help. Some of the group members will meet again to strategize with Pastor Quincy.

How can we create a forum for community building and encouraging authentic engagement in our city?

Finally, a group of visitors from Jackson, Michigan held a conversation about creating a forum for community building and encouraging authentic engagement in their city. Neighborhood Connections hosted them the next day to discuss how to use what they learned.


During a high-energy portion of the night called the Marketplace, dozens of attendees were able to exchange resources, skills, and knowledge. Here are a few examples:

  • Diane found 3 twin beds and mattresses for one of her neighbors
  • Ashley connected with 4 potential new board members for the Tamir Rice Foundation
  • Gwen met several artists who are interested in displaying art work at her gallery


Want to learn more about Community Network Building and how you can use it to act on what’s important to you? Join Erika for Action Clinic, the 1st Tuesday of every month or contact her at