Inspiring Action: Arts & Culture Network Night in 2021

Arts & Culture Network Night is a space designed to nurture connections, build trust and inspire action. When Ara Beal from Talespinners Children’s Theatre, Elaine Luttrull from Minerva Financial Arts, and Luis Gomez began talking at a previous Network Night, they realized they all wanted to support artists hit by the pandemic. Since then, they’ve launched Finances for Artists, a FREE workshop series. Click one of the links below to register for one of their upcoming workshops and support artists taking action:

February Arts & Culture Network Night

Thank you to everyone who joined us for Arts and Culture Network Night on February 25th. We opened the evening with poetry by Neighbor Up Member and Adult Literacy Grant recipient, Mansa L. Bey. Check out more of his work on Instagram @poet_mansa_l_bey

At every Arts & Culture Network Night, we have Business of the Network, a chance for anyone to host a 20-minute conversation. This month there were conversations about the ongoing adjustments to COVID, online engagement, and even a conversation about INTUITION. These conversations are one of the ways that Network Night inspires action and leads to new connections.

The Marketplace is another great way to make connections at Arts & Culture Network Night. Click this link to see all the requests, offers and declarations from the 2/25 event, or check out the collection of all the Virtual Marketplace matches here.

You’re invited!

Whether you are an artist or someone who simply loves to support arts and culture in the community, we hope you’ll join us for one of these upcoming Network Night events. We’ll be co-hosting several gatherings this year with Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.

Check our events page for details.

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