Inspiring Action: Arts & Culture Network Night in 2021

Thank you to everyone who joined us last week for Arts & Culture Network Night.

Special thanks to Carolina Borja for welcoming us with beautiful music. To learn more about Carolina’s Tutti Music Program, you can check out her website or follow her on Instagram.

Business of the Network is always a part of Arts & Culture Network Night. It is an opportunity for people to host conversations about topics that matter to them. It is an excellent opportunity to get feedback, learn from the group, and explore opportunities for collaboration. The following topics were discussed in August:

  • Are you collecting demographic info? We’d love to hear about your process, any challenges or ideas you have. (hosted by Julia
  • How might FRONT International Triennial for Contemporary Art create meaningful connections to the Cleveland community so more people can enjoy and participate in this program? (hosted by Deidre)
  • How do cultural institutions create collaborative community-based programming with community members? (hosted by Andrew)
  • Are any of your organizations struggling with the anxiety-level of your audiences and/or participants? And how are you navigating this? (hosted by Colleen)
  • Who are your favorite elected officials who have supported arts and culture, and how have you worked together? (hosted by Jeremy)

To learn more about these conversations, check out the Public Agenda or click the contact person’s name to send them an email. If you’d like to host a conversation in October or December, we are happy to help you shape the question. Simply email Lj.

The Marketplace is a practice that reveals the gifts and resources we have available in the community. Everyone is invited to make a request or an offer, and then “match” with folks to share resources and support the community. Here are a few requests and offers from the August event:

  • Ed offered help with IT and tech support.
  • Sharon is looking for community partners to help bring chamber music to a broader community, specifically for our concerts presenting the Imani Winds (10/5/21) and Lawrence Brownlee (4/26/22).
  • Nahomy works to uplift the Latinx artist community. She offered to share opportunities with a database of Latinx artists.

To see a full list of requests and offers, check out the Marketplace and Connections section of the Public Agenda. 

See you Next Time!

Arts & Culture Network Night is scheduled for Thursday, October 28th and Thursday, December 9th from 6 to 8 p.m. Visit our Events page to register now!

Arts and Culture Network Night in April

Thank you to Caleb Wright and Seth Bisen-Hersh for the beautiful performance to open up Arts and Culture Network Night in April.  You can learn more about Caleb on the Cuyahoga Arts and Culture directory, or on Instagram and Facebook. More info about Seth can be found here or @sethbhdotcom on all social media platforms.

Remember, that you can also create a profile or share event info on the CAC directory,

As we opened Network Night, Luis took a moment to acknowledge the ongoing fight against white supremacy and the stress that our communities continue to bear, especially those who are BIPOC. Luis shared some of his favorite resources for taking care of ourselves:

Business of the Network

Whether you are an artist or someone who works at an arts organization, Business of the Network is a great opportunity to get input and support. Simply pose a question for discussion and host a 20-minute breakout conversation.

These were the conversations hosted in April.

Do you have a conversation you’d like to host? Simply join us at an upcoming event or contact Lj for more information. 

The Marketplace

The Marketplace is another great way to make connections at Arts & Culture Network Night. Here are a few of the requests and offers we heard in April:

  • Dawn is looking for places to distribute comics for Comics on the Corner, the project she created to improve literacy in her neighborhood. 
  • Luis offered to tell folks more about the CAC Grant applications that will be a live beginning in May.
  • Jensen works with the Mandel Humanities Center at Tri-C. They are looking for projects in the community they can support. 
  • And Christopher, who was the Marketplace Leader in April, made a declaration that he WILL do physical therapy 5 days a weekWay to go, Christopher. We know you can do it! 

Matching funds for your arts and culture projects are available through the Cuyahoga Arts and Culture Match fund with

To see all of the requests, offers and declarations from April, click this link, or you can check out the collection of all the Virtual Marketplace matches here.

Read a recap from February’s Arts and Culture Network Night here.

You’re invited!

Whether you are an artist or someone who simply loves to support arts and culture in the community, we hope you’ll join us for an upcoming Arts & Culture Network Night. We’ll be co-hosting several gatherings this year with Cuyahoga Arts & Culture.

If you have ideas for Arts and Culture Network Night, or if you’d like to join the team of volunteers who make this event happen, we’d love to have you! Contact Lj or text her at 216-264-9858.

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