Adult Literacy Initiative Expands — Welcome Margo Hudson!

We are pleased to announce renewed funding from the Cleveland Foundation for community building around adult literacy. This funding includes dollars to create a Community Literacy Fellowship. Inspired by our work with the Committee for Adult Literacy Action Grants, the fellowship will be instrumental in our efforts to deepen our connection to people impacted by literacy challenges and grow the network of people working to improve adult literacy in Greater Cleveland.

We are thrilled to welcome Margo Hudson as the first Community Literacy Fellow. Many of you may know Margo from her speaking engagements and advocacy for Adult Literacy. Margo is a former student and longtime tutor at Seeds of Literacy and an active member of Neighbor Up. In her role as Community Literacy Fellow, Margo will connect and support Neighbor Up members, grant recipients and community members who are working on adult literacy. She will help us to welcome adult learners and other stakeholders into the Network.

Read more about Margo and her work for adult literacy in this article. 

We will be hiring a second fellow in the months to come. You can view the job description here. Early next year, we will launch another Innovation Team for Adult Literacy. This cohort experience brings together grassroots leaders and others working with adult literacy to connect and strengthen existing efforts, and to experiment with new possibilities. 

In the spring, we will launch a second round of action grants to support adult literacy projects rooted in the community. Click here to learn about the projects funded in 2020. 

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