What happens when I submit my document?

1. SUBMISSION: Lawrence is the first contact for all Documenters. When you submit your documentation, you will receive an automated email from Lawrence letting you know your document has been received. 

2. REVIEW: Lawrence, Rachel or Lila will edit the document. If we have questions, we will give those to Lawrence who will reach out to you for more information. 

3. COPYEDIT: Once the initial edit is complete and any questions have been answered, Mary Ellen will copy edit the document. Once Mary Ellen has finished, she will let Lawrence know. 

4. PUBLIC: Lawrence will publish the document on Documenters.org. (We expect to be able to complete this process within 24-48 hours of notes being submitted.) 

6. FEEDBACK: A member of the Cleveland Documenters team can support and/or give constructive feedback to Documenters during a breakout at our weekly office hours.  

  • Also note: Tweet threads are embedded on Documenters.org, too.

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