We’re excited to announce the formation of Cleveland’s Civic User Testing Group, also known as CUTgroup. This is an exciting opportunity to learn about technology and help shape the way it impacts our lives. If you opt-in and participate, you’ll be compensated for your time.

CUTgroup is in partnership with the Cleveland Foundation, Microsoft and City Tech Collaborative.

Below are some frequently asked questions.

Those who are interested in participating can sign up by clicking the “Join CUTgroup” button below.

What is CUTgroup?

Apps, websites, and software are more successful when they’re built in partnership with the people who use them. CUTgroup is a civic engagement program that includes residents throughout the technology design process. CUTgroup gives you a voice in the technology that impacts your community.

What type of people are you looking for in CUTgroup?

CUTgroup is seeking any Greater Cleveland resident who is interested in the intersection of technology and civic life. We’re looking for people with all levels of comfort using technology and the internet.

What will I be doing?

If you opt-in, you will be entered into a pool of people who will be called on to test new apps, software, or websites. There may be additional opportunities to participate in the technology space.

Can you provide an example?

When the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) wanted to create a smartphone app, they used CUTgroup to engage residents to see if the app would be accessible and usable for them. The residents helped identify issues with the app before it was launched publicly. Today, that app has been downloaded over 2 million times.

What is my commitment as a CUTgroup member?

It’s your choice how you want to participate and how often. When there is an opportunity, we will reach out to you with details, the time commitment, and any testing requirements. If you are interested in the opportunity, you can let us know and we will confirm that you are signed up. You are not required to participate just because you are a CUTgroup member.

My time is valuable! Will I be compensated?

We agree, your time is valuable! Yes, individuals who participate will be compensated for their time.

How do I join?

Click the below “Join CUTgroup” button to sign up.