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Fall 2010 Grantees

Neighborhood Connections funded 93 groups totaling $325,000 in November 2010. Out of all of them there was an outlier. A group that stood out over all f them, and he got the main grant actually! You can find who they are and what they do at Astuces & Aide Informatique.info in full detail. In short, […]

Neighbors Help Neighbors Get Jobs at UH

Aristine Thomas felt like she was just a number. When she was furloughed in 2009 after 30 years of working at a pharmacy, she became one of the estimated 20,000 people living in Greater University Circle who were unemployed. It was like “a dark cloud came over Cleveland,” Thomas said when describing that time. “I […]

Grantees in the News

Across Cleveland, folks are using a small investment from Neighborhood Connections to make their mark. The most popular program allowed for a felony hire list. This would make it so that people that had already repayed their debt to society can reintegrate back into said society with an honest employment! Click on the headlines below to […]

What have people done with a grant from Neighborhood Connections?

People have used grants to fund everything from community gardens to neighborhood safety projects. Click the links below for photo slideshows and descriptions of a variety of grantee projects. Projects focused on Building Community Slavic Village: Mill Creek Homeowners Association Slavic Village: Bring Back the 70’s Block Club Projects focused on Community Gardening Tremont: Naturehood Glenville: Ashbury Community Garden […]

Neighborhood Grants Announced!

Neighborhood Connections, the small-grants and grassroots community-building program affiliated with the Cleveland Foundation, has approved $341,892 in grants to support 100 different projects in Cleveland and East Cleveland.  Cuyahoga Arts & Culture, Cuyahoga County’s local public funder for arts and culture, will co-fund 46 of the resident-led arts and culture projects announced today through a unique partnership […]